Professional Judgement

As acting headteacher of a special EBSD School in special measures:

The acting headteacher has only been in post for two weeks. She has a clear vision for the school, inspires staff and carries them forward with her. There is a much improved emphasis on raising expectations. As a result, staff morale is now much improved. The acting headteacher has a clear vision for the school and a determination to bring about the necessary change. She is well respected by the staff and the LEA, has introduced some effective management systems, including daily staff de-briefings and half-termly review meetings with individual subject leaders. The use of data on attainment, attendance and behaviour data is improving.

As principal of a federation which included the EBSD school where she had been acting headteacher:

The principal has provided valued strategic and operational support for the headteacher. The review systems introduced by the principal of the federation while she was acting headteacher have been embedded well. The principal is leading the federation very well and is providing good support to the headteacher.

As Link Adviser:

Nell has always been comparatively ahead of the game within the LA and her expertise is indisputable, as is her efficiency. She has brought a rare touch of integrity, purpose and intellectual gravitas to the ECM agenda. She has the people skills deficient in so many leaders.

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