Levana Primary School

The following extract was taken from Opportunity Education Foundation web site

"Levana Primary School was established in 1977 and since then has served the communities of Lavender Hill, Hillview, Seawinds and St. Montague Village as well as neighboring informal settlements. These are very impoverished and disadvantaged communities and violence, substance abuse and lack of parental guidance are issues with which the school struggles daily. Unfortunately, in an attempt to improve security, the school has to have a closed circuit system with 26 cameras which are monitored by an armed response company and the Police Service. Despite this environment, the 33 educators strive to give the 1,048 learners from Grade R (Reception) to Grade 7 the best possible education. The school is very proud of its academic excellence and its development program for the educators. It is actively involved in various external and environmental bodies and has relationships with Japanese and other international schools. Flower and vegetable gardens have been developed to complement the curriculum and every attempt is made to expose the learners to various sporting activities. In an attempt to manage the violent and aggressive behavior of the leaners, the school has designed a "Magic Room" to create a calm and tranquil atmosphere to which the children can go. Ideally a specialist therapist would be employed to work with the learners but the school does not have the funds for such a person - school fees are only Rand 200 ($20) per year but collection is very difficult. The school encourages sponsorships and donations to supplement the school fees."