The Home Of Levana School Partnership

We are a small charity with six trustees, all of whom help to run the charity in their spare time and at their own cost. This is why all the money raised goes to the school - we spend none of your donation/sponsor money on administration, postage, website development, printing, etc. We are proud to be able to contribute to the improvement of Levana Primary School so their pupils can have a more successful education/school experience. Nell Banfield set up the charity to support Levana Primary School in Lavender Hill, Cape Town in 2003, following a Local Authority exchange visit and has been the Secretary ever since. There were originally 3 trustees and there are now 6. 2004-05 saw three visits by myself [Nell Banfield] and a Manchester head teacher to work with the staff and the principal on school improvement specifically provision for SEN pupils, self evaluation and behavior management. This work became the subject of our dissertation for our Master's degree in Process Consultancy with The Centre for Educational Leadership at Manchester University. The purpose of the charity is to raise money to improve provision for children in the school in the form of resources or in staffing. All money raised goes into the school bank account and at least 2 trustees visit the school each year at their own expense to keep up to date with developments at the school and with the Western Cape Education Department. In the fund raising year 2008 - 2009 we raised £7,500 which was the most raised so far. Previous funds raised have paid for a teacher of English, reading books for all levels of readers, air conditioning for the computer room, a quiet room for vulnerable learners and a library.

This site includes information about our visits, details of the school, its pupils and staff and of the Levana School Partnership.
February Visit 2019 Leaflet