The Home Of Levana School Partnership

We are a small charity with five trustees, who contribute to the improvement of Levana Primary School so their pupils can have a more successful education/school experience. We have:
  • supported Levana Primary School in Lavender Hill, Cape Town since 2003, following a Local Authority exchange visit.
  • run the charity in our own time and meet all running costs ourselves, so all donations can go to the school.
  • at least two trustees visit the school each year (at their own expense) to see the impact on teaching and support for pupils, as a result of the funds donated the previous year.
  • usually raised £3-4000 each year, with £7500 raised 2008-2009, which was the most raised any year so far.
  • paid for a teacher of English, reading books for all levels of readers, air conditioning for the computer room, a quiet room for vulnerable learners, a library, leadership training for older pupils and,more recently, Prefects.
  • extended our support to the primary school next door, Hillwood School, and to two ex-Levana pupils to go on to sixth form and a university degree.

We feel it is a privilage to support these two schools to improve their pupils' education, so pupils' life chances are more fulfilling and productive.